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What would you all think about moving to SVN if the anon CVS checkout can be made to work? I'll even volunteer to set it up.
What's with the high pressure sales tactics?  It's already been
explained to you that the key PG developers feel no particular reason
to change at this time.

Not to mention that the beginning of feature freeze sounds like a
particularly bad time to do this.  :)

And it misses the point I have made, that I don't really want compatibility garteways etc for the buildfarm, as it is meant to mimic the process that woluld followed by a human to check out, build and test by hand. If pg moves then the buildfarm will need to move with it.

This decision really belongs to the handful of people who do most of the maintenance and live with most of any CVS pain that exists: such as Tom, Bruce, Peter, Neil, Alvaro. Othe people have a right to voice an opinion, but nobody should be pushing on it.

If we were to move now then subversion would probably be the best choice, on maturity grounds if nothing else. That might well not be true in a year or two. I don't want to move more than once, so waiting and seeing makes a lot of sense to me.



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