Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Warren Turkal wrote:
On Saturday 24 February 2007 15:18, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Keep in mind that the repository as converted by Josh, above, is
strangely corrupted in weird and unpredictable ways.
Would you care to elaborate on that statement? I'd like to check my
converted repositories for what you're referring to.

I don't know :-(  I've tried to use the Trac site looking for particular
changesets and found that for some of them, the list of files are out of
sync with reality, and sometimes the diff don't have anything to do with
what the commit message says.

I've never been sure if the problem is the repo itself, or the Trac
interface.  After discovering the problem independently a couple of
times (the second time I had forgotten that I had already found a
problem), I stopped using it and reverted to using cvs2cl and cvsup.

I imagine the problems are caused by manual mangling of the files in the
early days, like the perl5 dir stuff you found.

Hmm, if you only checked using the Trac interface, maybe this is an
issue with re-creating the SVN repo.

Joshua, do you run "trac-admin /path/to/trac/env resync" after
rebuilding the repository? (This command would re-sync the trac database
with the repository.) Otherwise I would certainly expect such issues as
Alvaro describes.

Best Regards
Michael Paesold

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