I'll have to try kdiff3 - but the "merge" command, although it often works,
I strongly dislike when it marks up the lines as "there was a conflict here"
and gives you three files in the directory to choose to start from. This is
far too manual, which invites mistakes.

Agreed that this is somewhat annoying, but hey, it's a command line tool. How else would you solve displaying conflicts?

If kdiff3 is more like the ClearCase
graphical merge utility, I would far prefer that. Can you say "I want change
2 followed by change 3" with checkboxes, a live final version to view, and
the ability to manually type or adjust lines in the final version to view?

Yup. That's possible. And much much more... ;-) (I don't know the ClearCase tool, so I can't really offer a comparison, sorry.)

Others you might want to try:

 - meld (in python, IMO worse than kdiff3)
- xxdiff (I've never really used that one, but other monotone hackers seem to like it as well)



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