On Mon, 2007-02-26 at 11:20 -0500, Bruce Momjian wrote:

> I realized this proposal has been withdrawn, but the fact the proposal
> even illicited comments exploring it requires me to comment.
> Folks, how can we entertain ideas that would break SELECT * and
> no-column-list INSERTs for a small performance boost?  If there was no
> other way to get the performance boost, and the features was rarely
> used, we might consider such a change, but neither is true in this case.
> My point is that this proposal is so far away from our acceptable
> criteria that I am worried about how people are analyzing proposals.

When suggested, it wasn't clear to me that it did break anything,
otherwise I wouldn't have written it up. I read Alvaro's post and
wondered why that proposal had been overlooked, so I started a separate
thread to ensure that the idea was discussed. That seems very similar to
many of your own posts.

In the morning light, holding a coffee, its obviously broken and it is
clear that I misunderstood what was being proposed.

Bottom line is I initiate lots of ideas, not all of which become
projects, but many become TODO items. Sometimes I see things others do
not, sometimes I make mistakes; sometimes it takes a while for my ideas
to be understood and accepted. I don't hold mistakes against anyone, and
we all make them.

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