Josh Berkus wrote:
The next Summer of Code is just around the corner.

Last year, we had 46 submissions and seven we accepted. Out of the SoC we got two ongoing contributors, several good patches, two code refactors and even an employee for a PostgreSQL company. I'd like to see us do the same this year!

Therefore, we need volunteer mentors.  Here's how it works:

-- You help review and rate submissions in March.
-- From May-August, you mentor one or two SoC students in working on PostgreSQL patches. This means that you must be readily available to your student(s) during this summer and have time (2-5 hours per week, more at the beginning) to coach them. -- You need to evaluate the student's progress both midsummer and on completion. -- You prepare the student code for submission as an 8.4 feature, if applicable. -- Around October, Google gives SPI $500 for your mentoring. You can choose to take this money (less transaction fees) or leave it as a donation. You also get a nifty t-shirt.

We're looking for mentors who are:
        -- patient
        -- available
        -- knowledgeable in depth in some particular area/add-in to PostgreSQL
        -- interested in reviewing student code
        -- interested in helping create the next generation of contributors

Particularly we'd like people who can mentor on:
        -- PostgreSQL internals
        -- GIS
        -- applications & client tools
        -- advanced indexing
        -- XML
        ... based on last year's submissions, but there will be more this year.

Also, I am looking for contacts at universities where I can direct notices when SoC opens.

E-mail me ASAP.

Is there a list of projects? Or can we suggest some?



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