Josh Berkus wrote:

Is there a list of projects? Or can we suggest some?

Suggest away, please!

I'm going to update the website soon, would appreciate new content.

here are a few ideas to be going on with (none of these are new):


1. Buildfarm web app: is in urgent need of renovation. (perl + postgres + template toolkit. might be nice to rework it as a Catalyst app). 2. Buildfarm client: support downloading patches from an approved server, doing apply, build, install, and test. (perl + maybe SOAP) 3. Buildfarm client + web app: support running performance tests and reporting on them (start with pgbench) (s/w as above)

postgres core:

4. allow use of LIKE syntax in all type expressions e.g. select * from mysrf() as (label text, like foo); create type xx as (label text, like bar);



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