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Could you also please share your thoughts on what would be a good
student profile- for instance, how much theoretical background and
practical experience, for working on a SoC project?


> The next Summer of Code is just around the corner.
> Last year, we had 46 submissions and seven we accepted.  Out of the SoC we 
> got 
> two ongoing contributors, several good patches, two code refactors and even 
> an employee for a PostgreSQL company.  I'd like to see us do the same this 
> year!
> Therefore, we need volunteer mentors.  Here's how it works:
> -- You help review and rate submissions in March.
> -- From May-August, you mentor one or two SoC students in working on 
> PostgreSQL patches.  This means that you must be readily available to your 
> student(s) during this summer and have time (2-5 hours per week, more at the 
> beginning) to coach them.
> -- You need to evaluate the student's progress both midsummer and on 
> completion.
> -- You prepare the student code for submission as an 8.4 feature, if 
> applicable.
> -- Around October, Google gives SPI $500 for your mentoring.  You can choose 
> to take this money (less transaction fees) or leave it as a donation.  You 
> also get a nifty t-shirt.
> We're looking for mentors who are:
>       -- patient
>       -- available
>       -- knowledgeable in depth in some particular area/add-in to PostgreSQL
>       -- interested in reviewing student code
>       -- interested in helping create the next generation of contributors
> Particularly we'd like people who can mentor on:
>       -- PostgreSQL internals
>       -- GIS
>       -- applications & client tools
>       -- advanced indexing
>       -- XML
>       ... based on last year's submissions, but there will be more this year.
> Also, I am looking for contacts at universities where I can direct notices 
> when SoC opens.
> E-mail me ASAP.

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