Bruce Momjian wrote:
> FYI, I am not going to be comfortable accepting a final patch that
> contains this email signature:
>       This is an email from Fujitsu Australia Software Technology Pty Ltd, ABN
>       27 003 693 481. It is confidential to the ordinary user of the email
>       address to which it was addressed and may contain copyright and/or
>                                             ---------------------
>       legally privileged information. No one else may read, print, store, copy
>       or forward all or any of it or its attachments. If you receive this
>       email in error, please return to s ender. Thank you.
> unless you provide additional details on your contribution of this code
> under a BSD license.

Gonna have to concur with that. Not that the sig is legally binding
anyway, we do need to have a disclaimer in the email stating that you
are assigning to PGDG>

Joshua D. Drake


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