On Mon, Mar 12, 2007 at 10:05:58PM -0700, Sean Utt wrote:
> And then what? Make the search box on www.postgresql.org able to handle an 
> email address as search text without throwing a shoe?
> Search for [EMAIL PROTECTED] or any other 'email' address from the 
> postgres home page. Barfage every time.
> Easy for some isn't easy for all, apparently. Left that out as a test case 
> did we? Someone searching a mailing list for an email address? Who wudda 
> thunk it? It works without the . -- don't know why, but then I also don't 
> know why someone hasn't tried that before me.

Obviously not, since nobody has reported it before.
Fixed, insofar that we don't barf on it, but show you the no hits message.
Because all email addresses are obfuscated in the archives, they're not
actually searchable.

Thanks for reporting the issue. You're advised to report issues with the
website to pgsql-www instead for a faster response, since web people
don't always monitor all the other lists.


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