Tom Lane wrote:
> "Pavan Deolasee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Any thoughts on the overall approach ?
> Fragile and full of race conditions :-(.  I thought from the beginning
> that CREATE INDEX might be a showstopper for the whole HOT concept,
> and it's starting to look like that's the case.
> I think what we need to get away from is the assumption that HOT-ness
> for one index is the same as HOT-ness for all.  What if we only applied
> HOT to primary-key indexes, so that there was certainly not more than
> one index per table that the property applies to?

Just to throw my two bits in here :). If we do that, how does that
effect the idea that most people in the web world use (id serial primary
key), even though that is not what they are searching on?

More specifically, does HOT help conditions where a composite comes into
play (session_id,last_active) ... which would be a more heavily updated
index than just the primary key.


Joshua D. Drake

>                       regards, tom lane
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