Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Well, the db is currently running around 13Gb, so that's not something to be exported lightly ;-)

Yeah.  I would assume though that the vast bulk of that is captured log
files.  For the purposes I'm imagining, it'd be sufficient to export
only the rest of the database --- or ideally, records including all the
other fields and a URL for each log file.  For the small number of log
files you actually need to examine, you'd chase the URL.

OK, for anyone that wants to play, I have created an extract that contains a summary of every non-CVS-related failure we've had. It's a single table looking like this:

CREATE TABLE mfailures (
   sysname text,
   snapshot timestamp without time zone,
   stage text,
   conf_sum text,
   branch text,
   changed_this_run text,
   changed_since_success text,
   log_archive_filenames text[],
   build_flags text[]

The dump is just under 1Mb and can be downloaded from

If this is useful we can create it or something like it on a regular basis (say nightly).

The summary log for a given build can be got from:<sysname>&dt=<snapshot>

To look at the log for a given run stage select<sysname>&dt=<snapshot>&stg=<stagename> - the stage names available (if any) are the entries in log_archive_filenames, stripped of the ".log" suffix.

We can make these available over an API that isn't plain http is people want. Or we can provide a version of the buildlog that is tripped of the html.



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