Jeremy Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> These on mongoose are most likely a result of flaky hardware.

Yeah, I saw a pretty fair number of irreproducible issues that are
probably hardware flake-outs.  Of course you can't tell which are those
and which are low-probability software bugs for many moons...

I believe that a large fraction of the buildfarm consists of
semi-retired equipment that is probably more prone to this sort of
problem than newer stuff would be.  But that's the price we must pay
for building such a large test farm on a shoestring.  What we need to do
to deal with it, I think, is institutionalize some kind of long-term
tracking so that we can tell the recurrent from the non-recurrent
issues.  I don't quite know how to do that; what I did over this past
weekend was labor-intensive and not scalable.

SoC project perhaps?

                        regards, tom lane

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