I'm new to PostgreSQL, having done a little work with MySQL in the
past.  Part of the reason for changing to PostgreSQL is some of the
differences but to understand them I need docs of course.  Now there
are plenty of books, but I can't find any to examine in local
bookshops (pretty poor for a town with two Universities) and I'm
having problems with the PDF docs because of my eyesight.

The PDFs are of high quality in terms of effort and content, but I
can't get the text large enough to see and yet scroll smoothly
enough under Windows XP on a fairly new machine (3GHz Pentium with
2GB RAM). I've explored the accessibility features of Acrobat Reader
8 and when trying to get it to read to me, it starts reading a
dialog box that doesn't appear on the screen, and then locks up.
Using Narrator through Windows Accessibility is really odious, with
almost no control over what is happening.

The Adobe Reader says that the accessibility features of PDF
documents are not in place for this doc, (I'm presently reading
and I think if they were I might be able to make it reflow the text
so I can have large print and fit it on the screen.  However, I
don't know anything about the production of PDFs in practice, so
don't know what is really possible here. So I'm not in a position to
ask for some of the more advanced features.

I don't know what the document production system is, but I was
hoping that it is all under program control, and thus it would be
relatively easy for someone to say "Double the print size
throughout" and all the pagination, numbering, contents and indices
would sort themselves out.  [OK, things are never THAT easy :-), but
in principle...]  So could someone generate a large print edition of
the docs so I don't have to fight screen readers and magnifiers to
access this stuff, please?  Changing the fonts to sans-serif might
be another option, but I imagine that what with code, emphasized
text, normal text, and other typographical conventions this would be
more difficult to get right than making the print bigger. 

If this is too difficult, I have found the Web versions, but don't know
how much (if anything) is lost in making the documents fit HTML.

        Thank you,

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