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> Tom Lane wrote:
> > "Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> It should be standard docs imo. PDF is a heck of a lot easier to read if
> >> you have a good PDF reader.
> > 
> > Just out of curiosity, what would that be?  I've used both Acrobat and
> > Preview, and I do not like either.
> I use Evince personally. I used to like Acrobat but it has gotten really
> bloated. However the best one I have ever seen is kpdf, but I have never
> been able to get KDE stable for me (I am not interested in a thread on
> this ;)).

I'm not familiar enough with these to comment.

Meanwhile I have phoned adobe (because I couldn't see where to report this
bug.  They told me that it could be due to a bug in the document [which 
surprised me -- anything that fundamental ought to yield an error message[
but there are no tools (like lint for C) for testing things like this.
I said that it looks OK, but they said it could still have problems.
So I've tried other PDFs and in general they don't crash in the same way.
Nonetheless, Adobe Reader should not crash in my opinion, so I have raised


When attempting to read the PosgreSQL documentation

I found the text either too small or large enough but the scrolling
was jerky, and thus annoying to use. So I attempt to select Rea d
Out Loud -> begin reading (ctrl-Y) off the View menu.  I then get a
small blue bar appearing in the bottom right corner of the windwo,
wich a red circle to the right which has a red cross in it. This
looks like a "close" button in windows but it is round and not on
the blue bar. Then the reader starts reading a dial ogue which is
not visible on the screen.  After a while the reader crashes and I
must then kill it with the task manager.

I have tried a few other documents now, and they seem to be working ok, however 
the way this fails is not really optimal :-) Maybe
something more useful can be done in the case caused by this document.

Thank you.

[There are more typos in there than I thought!]
If they can't fix the crash they may be able to tell us something 

        Thank you,

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