On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

> Hugh Sasse wrote:
> > It's a variable function of my vision, lighting, but I usually use 24 point
> > on VDUs, In this terminal (because Lucida Console doesn't have thin strokes,
> > the n's are about 5 mm high, but I'd like them bigger if possible.  I'm
> > not the limiting case, a former colleague liked her text about 2cm tall.
> Would fixed width font help you?

That's almost the right question :-) but it's not the width of the 
characters which would help, it is the width of the narrowest strokes
in the characters.  I don't have a clue what typographers would call
that.  I don't need to push this as far as Helvetica or Ariel, where
all the strokes are the same width, though that would help some people,
including some with dyslexia.  Also one needs fixed-with and proportional
fonts as part of the semantic information in the document.

I suppose the question to ask now is: what is the current production
system for the PDFs?  If that is known then we can see what variables
can be adjusted within reason.  I'd like to improve it for me and others
in my position without making it typographically hideous for fully sighted
people :-).


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