Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > My assumption is if authors don't finish them in the next few days, they
> > are unlikely to finish them during some grace period during feature
> > freeze.  And the extra time is usually allowed for changes requested by
> > committers, while at this point the authors aren't done and haven't even
> > gotten to committer review.
> >   
> Well hold on Bruce, that isn't quite fair. I know there are patches in 
> this cycle that have been waiting on reviewers/comitters not the other 
> way around.
> Clustered indexes for example. I know that Gavin is "this close" to 
> having vacuum finished for bitmap index on disk. Alvaro's vacuum patch 
> isn't done
> either, although he has submitted WIP.

Yes, for one, I am worried about bitmap indexes, and the performance
testing time we are going to need to decide if we want it.  

In general, I am more concerned about patches where I don't see public
patches/commit, like bitmap indexes, rather than patches like HOT that
are being publicly advanced.  All the patches might be advancing, but of
course, I only see the public ones, and those are the only ones I can
guess are near completion.

I am speaking of my concerns now, rather than after feature freeze,
because author options are more limited after feature freeze.

> Perhaps it makes sense to say:
> Feature Freeze: April 1st., no "new" patches accepted for 8.3
> Patch Freeze April 15th., Authors have until the 15th to address any 
> committer concerns

Well, I am OK with that, but we need _community_ agreement on that.

I realize it isn't fair that committers are behind on patches, while we
are expecting submitters to make the deadline, but there are far fewer
committers than submitters, and there was never a promise to commit
everything before feature freeze.

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