> > My feeling is we should have more regular sync points where the
> > queue is emptied and everything committed or rejected.
> No doubt, but the real problem here is that 
> reviewing/committing other people's patches is not fun, it's 
> just work :-(.  So it's no surprise that it tends to get put 
> off.  Not sure what to do about that.

In my experience it mostly pays to keep people directly responsible for
their own work.
Every intermediate tester/reviewer/coordinator tends to reduce the
submitter's feeling for responsibility.
So I could imagine a modus operandi where a submitter states:
I feel confident that you can commit without review and will be availabe
for fixes/additional work required.
Maybe we have that in the form of committers that commit their own work

But I do feel that some patches Bruce is talking about need aggreement
and help, not only review.


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