Gregory Stark wrote:
"Bruce Momjian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
That's silly, of course people are still working on them, many of these tasks
are open ended and can be improved as long as we have time. just because
they're still working on them doesn't necessarily mean what they have so far
isn't worth committing as is yet.

OK, but we don't want something that is ready to be committed, we need
it complete.

So how many more releases before you think Postgres is "complete"?

You are using the word complete as in final and unalterable. That's not, it seems to me, what Bruce means. Bruce has a point, and a valid and sensible one at that.

A patch that is ready to be committed does not mean it is usable. Just because you can commit a patch does not mean that the patch will be useful.

Well, if a patch author has promised to supply a patch for the X function, and has not completed a stable and generally usable patch for X, then the patch is not worth committing.

Thank you very much.

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