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Joshua D. Drake wrote:

I ran into an interesting problem with a customer today. They are running Jabber XCP (not the one we use). Unfortunately, the product has a bug that causes it to leave connections persistent in a transaction state. This is what it does:


Basically it is verifying that the connection is live. However, it never calls commit. So what happens? We can't vacuum ;).

Anyway, my thought is, we know when a transaction is idle, why not have an idle timeout where we will explicitly close the connection or rollback or something? User configurable of course.
I agree with this, it reduces the long running transaction problem a little where the user forgot to commit/rollback their session. I may be worth having a transaction_timeout as well, and setting it to link a few hours by default. That way you can't have really long running transactions unless you specifically set that.

We would certainly need to be able to disable on the fly too just with SET as well.

Joshua D. Drake


Joshua D. Drake

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