Tom Lane wrote:
"Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Russell Smith wrote:
I agree with this, it reduces the long running transaction problem a little where the user forgot to commit/rollback their session. I may be worth having a transaction_timeout as well, and setting it to link a few hours by default. That way you can't have really long running transactions unless you specifically set that.

We would certainly need to be able to disable on the fly too just with SET as well.

I should have read what you posted more thoroughly. I apologize. A transaction timeout is surely a bad idea as Tom says below. Heck, not just from what he says below, but what about the scenario that killing a transaction could cause a massive rollback and thus increase the initial problem that I posted about :)

An *idle* timeout seems less risky, as well as much easier to pick a
sane value for.

Yeah, it could as high as something like 60 minutes if we really wanted.


Joshua D. Drake

                        regards, tom lane

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