Tom Lane wrote:
FWIW, I think we are more in need of coverage of different configure-option
sets than of OS's per se.

If someone would like to put together a list of gaps we can see what we can do about it.

For anyone who wants the data on what is being built currently, the dashboard data is available via SOAP interface. An example client to fetch the data is below.





use SOAP::Lite;

my $obj = SOAP::Lite

my $data = $obj->get_status->result;

# you now have the data. One example of how to use it is below.

my @fields = qw(
   branch sysname stage status
   operating_system os_version
   compiler compiler_version architecture
   when_ago snapshot build_flags

my $head = join (' | ', @fields);
print $head,"\n";

foreach my $datum (@$data)
   my $line = join (' | ', @[EMAIL PROTECTED]);
   print $line,"\n";

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