* Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [070416 19:03]:
> Aidan Van Dyk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Would anyone know if these were "hand moved" to Attic?
> Seems unlikely, since there's a commit log entry for the removal.  But
> this all happened seven-plus years ago and I'm sure there's an old CVS
> bug involved *somewhere*.
> I like the idea of re-adding and then re-removing the files on HEAD.
> Does anyone think that poses any real risk?

No - it even fixed the "hand moved" test I had done trying to create an
Attic with, when trying to figure out how they got that way in the first

What I did when I converted the repo was just hand edit those files to
have a state of "dead" to match their position in Attic for those RCS
revs.  If you "add" them and remove them, I believe my GIT conversion
will actually "follow" that correctly...  If not - I just rm -Rf it and
let it go from scratch "one more time"...  I'm glad computers are good
at that type of repetitive task...


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