Chris Browne wrote:
This strikes me as being a really super thing, having both Subversion
and Git repositories publicly available that are tracking the
PostgreSQL sources.

Stepping back to the SCM discussion, people were interested in finding
out what merits there were in having these sorts of SCMs, and in
finding out what glitches people might discover (e.g. - like the files
where the CVS repository is a bit schizophrenic as to whether they are
still there or not...).  Having these repositories should allow some
of this experimentation to take place now.

Yep. It'd be nice to have official GIT and SVN etc. mirrors of the main CVS repository. There's no pressing reason for the PostgreSQL project to switch from CVS, but we could provide alternatives to developers. As long as you can create a diff to send to pgsql-patches, it doesn't matter which version control system you use. I'm interested in trying GIT or Monotone myself, presumably they would be good for managing unapplied, work-in-progress patches.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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