* Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [070416 21:11]:
> I wrote:
> > So there's no way, apparently, to fix the state of these files through
> > the "front door".
> I take that back: the right sequence involving a "cvs update" got me
> into a state where it thought the files were "locally modified", and
> then I could commit and "cvs remove" and commit again.  So hopefully
> it's all cleaned up now --- at least the states of the files look
> reasonable in cvsweb.

And my GIT conversion handled that nicely too.  Looks good (at least
from the GIT PoV).

Now, on my hand-crafted GIT repo - you see them in and out now with
Tom's commits.  But any *real* conversion tracking the *actual* RCS cvs
states should have them checked out from 1999 to now in the state they
were from vadim's last changes, and Tom's first commit will "truncate"
them (because he checked them in as empty files), and the 2nd commit
will remove them again.

So it's still a "gotcha" if you're trying to get a copy of CVS from ages
ago via one of the alternative SCM conversions...

But my git one works, so I'll let others worry about the others ;-)


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