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* Re: [PATCHES] Synchronized Scan WIP patch
     /Simon Riggs/
Heikki is reviewing this one.  Also I believe Greg Smith is doing more
performance testing.

Actually it was the "Automatic adjustment of bgwriter_lru_maxpages" patch from Itagaki Takahiro I've been working on--which, by the way, Bruce sent out a note about the other day saying was already booted into 8.4. I've integrated a part of the LRU patch usefully into the new pg_stat_bgwriter, renamed some variables around accordingly, cleanup I felt had to preceed performance testing. Heikki might want to wait for me to finish that before putting time into it. The buffer allocation monitoring part would be useful to apply even if the GUC and behavior changes are deemed outside of the 8.3 scope.

Also, I think I was the most vocal participant in the "COPY-able sql log outputs" feature discussion and therefore was planning to do what review what I can of the final patch API immediately afterwards. I try not to complain about things unless I'm willing to help fix them.

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