Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > As an example, how is patch information going to help us review HOT or
> > group-item-index?  There is frankly more information about these in the
> > archives than someone could reasonable read.  What someone needs is a
> > summary of where we are now on the patches, and lots of time.
> > 
> > FYI, Tom, Heikki, I need one of you to post the list of patches and
> > where we think we are on each one, even if the list is imperfect.
> I think you just contradicted yourself. Information isn ot the problem, but
> you need more information...
> I think this is a fairly clear indication that we do need a better way to
> track this information.

No, my point is that 100% information is already available by looking at
email archives.  What we need is a short description of where we are on
each patch --- that is a manual process, not something that can be

Tom has posted it --- tell me how we will get such a list in an
automated manner.

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