* Alvaro Herrera ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I took a look, and concluded that the only bit of code that uses the
> grantor at all is pg_dumpall.
> Does this means we can remove it altogether?  In back branches, we would
> take out the pg_dumpall code.

I don't have time right at the moment (leaving shortly and will be gone
all weekend) but what I would do is check the SQL standard, especially
the information schema, for any requirement to track the grantor.  Much
of what I did was based on the standard so that may have been the
instigation for tracking grantor.  Though, even without that, we track
the grantor of most other grants (possibly all currently?) and it seems
like a useful bit of information for DBAs to be able to know who granted
what to whom.

I can't say I've used it though, personally.  Of course, I'll be pretty
unhappy if a day comes when I do need it and it's not there. :)



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