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>> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>> Dave Page wrote:
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>>>>> From: Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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>>>>> Sent: 05/05/07, 03:00:25
>>>>> Subject: [HACKERS] New idea for patch tracking
>>>>> As for #3, again, I don't want us to take on a burdensome patch tracking
>>>>> process that is more effort than it is worth, and the lack of people
>>>>> jumping to even manage a simple web page for current 8.3 patches has me
>>>>> questioning what kind of support a burdensome tracking system would
>>>>> receive.
>>>> I don't recall hearing you ask for people to help with a web page.
>>> I want create and maintain a web page that tracks where we are on each
>>> 8.3 patch, but have had not takers.
>> are you thinking about something like
>> on steriods
>> (ie with more references to actual patches and discussion and
>> explaination of functionality) or something completely different ?
>> I'm a bit unsure on how this webpage would differ from a typical
>> bugtracker ...
>> Maybe you could give a concrete example for a particular patch in the
>> queue so that everybody can follow ?
> At this point, just one line for each patch, and who is working on it:
>       Patch, Author Committer
>       HOT    Pavan  ?
>       XML    misc   Peter
>       etc.

that would be easy to do on either the wishlist or a seperate wiki page
and I would volunteer to do that if you think it is useful.


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