Hiroshi Inoue <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Could someone confirm the following my recognition ?

>   The LPGL package could add and release a copy of some Postgres BSD
>   licensed code as LGPL ones together with the current LGPL code and
>   then the package is still entirely LGPL.

No, the files you borrowed from Postgres remain BSD --- you cannot
unilaterally relicense someone else's code.

This does not actually affect anything, since the BSD license terms are
more liberal than LGPL: you can distribute the combined package just as
easily as if it were all-LGPL, and anyone using the package is still
effectively bound by the LGPL terms for the useful parts.  But it would
be appropriate to note that "files X,Y,Z are distributed under a
different license, namely <insert PG terms here>".

This is not really different from the legal situation before, where you
had in effect copied some Postgres code into acinclude.m4 without
bothering to acknowledge it.  But it would be more polite to acknowledge

                        regards, tom lane

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