Jim Nasby wrote:
> On May 6, 2007, at 8:18 AM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> > Oh, the answer to Bruce's question about when to create a feature  
> > item? You could well do it at the time when today you create a TODO  
> > item. However, we might even do better. For example, we might well  
> > add feature requests that are denied. That would help people to see  
> > if something has been proposed before.
> The problem with our current TODO process is that whether an item  
> makes it onto the list is essentially determined by did the idea  
> catch a committer's attention, and did that committer happen to think  
> it was a good idea. That sets the bar pretty high for getting stuff  
> on the list (which you need for a simple list like TODO), but it also  
> means it's very subjective. (Of course 98% of the time that committer  
> is Bruce, but I don't think that matters here...)

Users often request items be added to the TODO list, and I usually comply.

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