Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> > In Debian's bug tracking system, when the bug is created (which is done
> > by sending an email to a certain address) it gets a number, and the
> > email is distributed to certain lists.  People can then reply to that
> > mail, and send messages to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and it gets tracked in
> > the bug, and you can see all those messages in the bug report.  I
> > ass-ume that BZ 3.0 does something similar.
> But often a TODO item has multiple threads containing details (often
> months apart), and it isn't obvious at the time the thread is started
> that this will happen.  Note the number of TODO items that now have
> multiple URLs.  How is that handled?

Just add the bug address to CC and reply to it, just like when you reply
to say "added to TODO", only that you don't need to manually go and
modify the TODO file by hand.  The bug tracking system puts that mail
into the bug report.  Subsequent followups keep the bug address in CC
and thus the whole discussion is saved in the bug report.

This is even better than our archives due to the problem that the
archives don't have links to messages crossing month boundaries.  Have
you noticed that if you go to the archives, some discussions appear
truncated at a point, but you can go to the archive for the next month
and it continues there?  I find that artifact somewhat annoying.  The
bug report would continue receiving the CC'ed mails, so it would record
them all in a single place.

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