Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>> Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>>> The last two runs on baiji have failed at the installcheck stage,
>>>> with symptoms that look a heck of a lot like the most recent system
>>>> catalog changes haven't taken effect (eg, it doesn't seem to know
>>>> about pg_type.typarray).  Given that the previous "check" step
>>>> passed, the most likely explanation seems to be that some part
>>>> of the "install" step failed --- I've not tried to reproduce the
>>>> behavior but it looks like it might be explained if the install
>>>> target's postgres.bki file was not getting overwritten.  So we
>>>> have two issues: what exactly is going wrong (some new form of
>>>> Vista brain death no doubt), and why isn't the buildfarm script
>>>> noticing?
>>> The script will not even run if the install directory exists:
>>>   die "$buildroot/$branch has $pgsql or inst directories!"
>>>     if ((!$from_source && -d $pgsql) || -d "inst");
>>> But the install process is different for MSVC. It could be that we are
>>> screwing up there.
>> Uh, but that piece of code you're referring to is from the bulidfarm
>> code, right? Isn't it the same?
> Yes, but it might be that the MSVC install doesn't actually use that
> location properly. Unfortunately, its logging is less than verbose, unlike
> the standard install procedure.
>>> I no longer have an MSVC box, so I can't tell so easily ;-(
>> Non-Vista MSVC boxes seem to pass fine (mastodon and skylark, for
>> example - skylark fails on something completely different, not fully
>> investigated yet, but looks to be a buildfarm problem rather than a
>> backend one), so I don't think it's the MSVC procedure alone that's the
>> cause of it.
> Possibly. My point was that I can't even investigate how MSVC is working
> at all.

So what is it you're looking for, specifically, to help with that?


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