Tom Lane wrote:
"Andrew Dunstan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Unless that has somehow got screwed up I can't see how Tom's theory of a
possibly left over .bki file can stand up.

Well, I tried inserting a .bki file from April 30 into a HEAD
installation, and that made it dump core during bootstrap, so that
offhand theory was wrong.

However, when I run the HEAD regression tests against that entire
April 30 installation tree, I can duplicate the baiji regression diffs
almost exactly --- the polymorphism test fails for me where it succeeds
on baiji, which I think indicate that baiji has the patch I applied on
May 1 for SQL function inlining.

So I now state fairly confidently that baiji is failing to overwrite
*any* of the installation tree, /share and /bin both, and instead is
testing an installation dating from sometime between May 1 and May 11.
Have there been any recent changes in either the buildfarm script or
the MSVC install code that might have changed where the install is
supposed to go?

Not to my knowledge, but I have no method of testing what's going on, and I hate guessing like this - in fact this is what has worried me all along about supporting MSVC builds - we always said we didn't want to have to have 2 build environments, but now we have two and we'll be supporting them forever, even though one of them is not used by 95% of our developers. I realise that MSVC builds are likely to perform better, but we have now got a situation where we are likely to have breakage on a regular basis, ISTM.

(sorry to grumble - it's been a very frustrating 24 hours)



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