Robert Haas wrote:
 Our users hate the fact that FTS is a separate module.

Here here.

Where? Where? Oh, you mean "Hear Hear." (sorry - one of my pet peeves)
And with respect to the debate about syntax, who cares?  I think I
prefer introducing real SQL-ish syntax over a bunch of pg_* functions,
but doing it either way is IMHO better than doing nothing.

We do have a responsibility, I think, to keep the grammar fairly clean, so the answer to your question "who cares?" is "we do."

That said, last time I looked most of the warts seemed to have been knocked off, IIRC, and the functional syntax would have been sufficiently ugly and cumbersome to weigh against it. So, like most others, I'm in favor of going with this unless there is some overwhelming reason I haven't heard of yet not to.



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