Aidan Van Dyk wrote:
> * Tatsuo Ishii <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [070516 07:23]:
> > Maybe. However I think "subject-sequence" has some advantages over
> > Message-Id:
> > 
> > - Easy to identify. Message-Id may not appear on some MUA with default
> >   setting
> > 
> > - More handy than lengthy message Id
> > 
> > - Easy to detect messages not delivered, by knowing that the sequence
> >   number was skipped
> IMNSHO, we should be encouraging lists to move *away* from subject
> munging.  Adding more characters into a subject line which can already
> be quite long is just making the situation worse.

+1 on that.  It gets worse when messages are crossposted to multiple
lists and so multiple [FOO] strings are put into the subject.  On the
other hand I know there is people who remove the [FOO] strings in their
local machines!  (I don't do it just because I have been too lazy to
write a procmail rule about it).

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