Bruce, where can I take a look at the patch list in order to find out
if I can be of some help?


On 5/16/07, Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
In talking to people who are assigned to review patches or could review
patches, I often get the reply, "Oh, yea, I need to do that".

Folks, we are six weeks into feature freeze and have made slim progress
on getting patches reviewed and applied.  As I stated earlier, we are
now looking at August/September for beta, but that might be pushed back
even later if we don't get more progress.

It seems there is a lot of reliance on Tom to get the patches applied,
but I don't think that is fair or reasonable.  I think we need more
urgency on the part of everyone to make faster progress.  Patch
reviewers and committers need to take more initiative to get things done
rather than wait for some external force to prompt them.

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