Dave Page wrote:
Richard Huxton wrote:
Magnus Hagander wrote:
It's been on my list to rewrite the whole archive system for a while
for various reasons. There is quite a bit of crossover with the patch
tracker I proposed so I was hoping to look at both together.
Let me know when you start on that...
Same here - I've done something similar (off mhonarc files and in much
smaller scale) before, and I'm definitely interested in helping out.
Is everyone aware of this system that runs on a well-known open-source
I've used it in a small way, and while I don't claim to have looked at
it in detail it seems to pretty much do what it claims to.

Yeah, I looked at it in the past. The database storage part is actually
pretty simple - it's the web front end that's going to take more effort,
and thats what that product doesn't do (or if it does, it's a secondary
function they don't shout about).

It's supposed to have something in the latest version, I think. I used it as backing store for a small workflow app, so I've got some simple views/functions I added and PHP code (cake-php framework) for displaying messages if it'll be of any use.

My one concern with the schema was that there didn't seem to be a way to partition archives (e.g. by year) to make maintenance a little simpler for large databases.

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