David Fetter wrote:

My main difficulty was figuring out a workable way to build a local mirror of the code (so I could get off-line diffs), keep it in sync with the development tree, while branching out working areas to evaluate patches or do new development in. A good example walkthrough of how to do that using standard tools would be a big help. Hint: if you suggest CVsup I'll smack you.

Would you be interested in providing this meat?  You're uniquely
qualified because your shins still smart from all the things you
barked them on :)

For this item at least the work has been done in showing how to set up a local mirror using rsync instead of CVSup. It's mentioned in the dev version of the docs at http://developer.postgresql.org/pgdocs/postgres/rsync.html - although frankly it would be better to import the information rather than just refer to the buildfarm HOWTO.



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