Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
You have to be on a first byte before you can meaningfully apply
NextChar, and you have to use NextChar or else you don't count
characters correctly (eg "__" must match 2 chars not 2 bytes).

Yes, I agree completely. However it looks to me like IsFirstByte will in fact always be true when we get to call NextChar for matching "_" for UTF8.

If that's true, the patch is failing to achieve its goal of treating %
bytewise ...

Let's back up. % processing works by looking for a place in the text that might match what follows % in the pattern, and then calling itself recursively. For UTF8, if what follows % is _, it does that search by repeatedly calling NextChar - otherwise it calls NextByte. But if we're not processing a wildcard we have to match an actual complete UTF8 char, so the fact that we proceed byte-wise won't get us out of sync. whenever we happen to encounter an _. We can't rely on that process for other multi-byte charsets because the suffix of one char might be the prefix of another, so we could get false matches. That can't happen with UTF8.



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