Tom Lane wrote:
The other little problem (which is the reason we like the stderr
approach in the first place) is that not all the stderr output we want
to capture comes from code under our control.  This may not be a huge
problem in production situations, since the main issue in my experience
is being able to capture dynamic-linker messages when shlib loading fails.
But it is a stumbling block in the way of any proposals that involve
having a more structured protocol for the stuff going down the wire :-(

I don't think that need worry us about CSV output - AFAICS it's redirected quite separately from stderr - more like syslog really, so the CSV output *is* all from code under our control.

I'm pondering some very simple method of signalling the end of a CSV line, like appending a null byte (which we would of course strip out, so it would never appear on the file), and only allowing a CSV log rotation if we are on a boundary.



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