I'm having a big trouble with the index size! I have looked for a solution
in the internet, but the solutions that I found don't fit for me! 

  I developed a new data type using C and add this new type on PostgreSQL.
Basically, the data type is: (DateADT, DateADT) with some temporal rules
that I'm researching! The data type is ok; the in, out, receive and send
functions are ok; some operations are ok. But the index operators and
functions are not working properly! Actually I can use them, but in some
cases an error occurs about index row size.

  I'm sure that the functions in, out, receive and send are well
implemented. I think the problem is that the data type is really big and
needs a "big index".


  The implementation code of the data type is::


typedef struct t_periodo


            DateADT                       tvi;

            DateADT                       tvf;

}           Periodo;



  Any ideas to solve my problem? Perhaps increasing the BLOCKSIZE could be
one solution. Not very smart one, but can solve temporally my problem?!?!


  Thanks in advance!

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