This makes no difference in terms of the ease of tracking their changes,
of course, but it just feels better to me to be distributing "real"
source code and not derived files.

1 Compiling from .sbl by original Snowball's makefile requires Perl and doesn't work cleanly:
% gmake
cc -o snowball compiler/space.o compiler/tokeniser.o compiler/analyser.o compiler/generator.o compiler/driver.o compiler/generator_java.o gmake: *** No rule to make target `libstemmer/', needed by `libstemmer/libstemmer.c'. Stop.
I used tarball.

2 Snowball's compiling infrastructure doesn't support Windows target.

I agree with simplify support process but, IMHO, it's much simpler to do it with C sources with pgsql's building infrastructure

And where should it be placed? src/snowball directory?

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