It should be. Instances of ispell (and synonym, thesaurus) dictionaries are different only in dict_initoption part, so it will be only one entry in pg_ts_dict_template and several ones in pg_ts_dict.

No, I was thinking of still having just one pg_ts_dict catalog (no template)
but removing its dictinit field.  Instead, the init strings would be
stored with configuration mapping entries.

This would mean having to remember to provide the right option along
with the dictionary name when doing ALTER CONFIGURATION ADD MAPPING.
Not sure if that would be harder or easier to use than what you're
thinking of.

Hmm. Dictionary may present in several lists of dictionaries in one configuration. Suppose, it isn't practical to store dictinitoption several times. In other hand, the same dictionary (template) with different init option may present on configuration too. Typical example is configuration for russian language:
lword, lpword tokens have dictionary's list {ispell_en, stem_en}
nlword, nlpword tokens have dictionary's list {ispell_ru, stem_ru}

stem_(ru|en) is a Snowball's stemmer, but ispell_(ru|en) is a ispell dictionary (template) with different dictinitoption. Next, configurations may share dictionaries.

And, init option may be rather big.

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