On Jun 19, 2007, at 2:45 PM, Chris Browne wrote:

I'm seeing some applications where it appears that there would be
value in introducing asynchronous messaging, ala "message queueing."

Me too.

My bias would be to have something that can basically run as a thin
set of stored procedures atop PostgreSQL :-).  It would be trivial to
extend that to support SOAP/XML-RPC, if desired.

It would be nice to achieve 'higher availability' by having queues
where you might replicate the contents (probably using the MQ system
itself ;-)) to other servers.

There tend to be varying semantics out there:

- Some queues may represent "subscriptions" where a whole bunch of
  listeners want to get all the messages;

- Sometimes you have the semantics where:
  - messages need to be delivered at least once
  - messages need to be delivered no more than once
  - messages need to be delivered exactly once

Is there any existing work out there on this?  Or should I maybe be
looking at prototyping something?

The skype tools have some sort of decent-looking publish/subscribe
thing, PgQ, then they layer their replication on top of. It's multi
consumer and producer, with "delivered at least once" semantics.

Looks nice.


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