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> Gregory Stark wrote:
>> Could you expand on your logic here? And why you disagree with my argument
>> that which abbreviations are correct is irrelevant in deciding whether we
>> should accept other abbreviations.
> I suppose the idea is that we don't want to be sloppy about accepting
> just anything in postgresql.conf.  I think people are worried that an
> 'm' in one column might mean something different than an 'm' in another
> column, and perhaps that is confusing.
If we want precision and standards, I would personally find ISO 8601 
less confusing than the current implementation.  (You could say 'PT2M30S' or 
'PT2,5M' or 'PT2.5M' to specify a 2 minute and 30 second interval.)  That said, 
I'd be OK with a HINT that listed valid syntax.  I've wasted enough time 
looking up the supported abbreviations to last me a while.

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