Peter Eisentraut wrote:

Am Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2007 00:38 schrieb Gregory Stark:
I think people are worried that an 'm' in one column might mean something
different than an 'm' in another column, and perhaps that is confusing.
To whom? the person writing it?

If everyone around here had gotten their way we'd already be in a situation were you could write

log_rotation_age = 5m
log_rotation_size = 5m

Would it be a bad idea to always support the multi-character abbreviations? So the min, sec, hr, day, wk, mth, yr ar all, to my knowledge, unambiguous. As are kb, mb, gb, tb. So the above would be:
log_rotation_age = 5min
log_rotation_size = 5mb


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