Dave Page wrote:
Michael Paesold wrote:
It's not about a certain standard. There are so many different ways in the world to write time units, so in a certain context a standard is really useful to constrain the format/syntax, but...

This all was about usability of a configuration file, wasn't it? Now, Peter, you improved that very much with this change. But do you at the same time want to cripple the usefulness again by insisting on a certain _syntax_, while the _semantics_ are completely clear to (guessing) 99% of the people who will changes these settings?

FWIW, I agree entirely.

My 2c on this:

The way I was taught in school is that "min" is for minute and "mon" is for month. Specifically, not "m".

I just had to download ISO 8601 and it seems irrelevant here. It talks about using certain characters *in place* of digits, like "hh:mm", and it talks about time periods, but that syntax is completely different, like P1H2M, meaning 5 hour and 2 minutes.

A HINT listing the valid units is a reasonable compromise.

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