Peter Eisentraut wrote:

If everyone around here had gotten their way we'd already be in a situation were you could write

log_rotation_age = 5m
log_rotation_size = 5m

And someone trained in the metric system would think, "What, five meters?". So it rotates when age and size are the same or what? And the ultimate consequence of that thinking is that the PostgreSQL developers are uneducated dummies and clearly PostgreSQL cannot be a quality product if they can't even get that right.

You don't seem to have any understanding that the units should be
interpreted in context. Nobody in their right mind (or perhaps only an
undeducated dummy) will think that 5m might mean five meters for
something called log_rotation_age.  You might argue that it is ambiguous
between minutes and months - and for that reason at least I don't think
we should allow "m" as a unit of time. But that's a different argument.



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