On 6/21/07, Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2007 00:38 schrieb Gregory Stark:
> > I think people are worried that an 'm' in one column might mean something
> > different than an 'm' in another column, and perhaps that is confusing.
> To whom? the person writing it?

If everyone around here had gotten their way we'd already be in a situation
were you could write

log_rotation_age = 5m
log_rotation_size = 5m

And someone trained in the metric system would think, "What, five meters?".
So it rotates when age and size are the same or what?  And the ultimate
consequence of that thinking is that the PostgreSQL developers are uneducated
dummies and clearly PostgreSQL cannot be a quality product if they can't even
get that right.

So by all means add documentation and hints.

Considering Postgres will never user either "meter" or "mile"
in settings, I don't consider your argument valid.

I don't see the value of having units globally unique (literally).
It's enough if they unique in the context of postgresql.conf.

Thus +1 of having additional shortcuts Tom suggested.
Also +1 for having them case-insensitive.


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