>> That may have been true until we started supporting Windows...
>> Swedish_Sweden.1252 is what I get on my machine, for example. Principle
>> is the same, but values certainly aren't.
> Well, at least the name is not itself translated, so a mapping table is
> not right out of the question.  If they had put a name like
> "EspaƱol_Chile" instead of "Spanish_Chile" we would be in serious
> trouble.
I don't think so, in oppsite case you can't type or show it to change
locale :).

So, final propose:
rename cfglocale to cfglanguages and store in it array of laguage names
which is produced from first part of locale names:
russian   '{ru_RU, Russian_Russia}'
spanish   '{es_ES, es_CL, Spanish_Spain, Spanish_Chile}'


Is there some obstacles to  use GIN indexes in pg_catalog?

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